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Nighttime is Prime Time for Writing

The prime time for writing, at least for me, is nighttime. 9 PM or later. Like now, at 12:26PM. I think it’s because the whole day is behind me and there’s nothing left to think about but writing, and getting those feelings out on paper.

Sometimes if I try to work on writing in the middle of the day, I get distracted. I have to get up to do this!— or that! And I have too many responsibilities to take care of that have to come before writing.

But at night, when it’s quiet, I really churn out my best work. Every sentence just gleefully flows together when it’s way past a normal person’s bedtime. New ideas even surface.

I’ve always written the last word of each manuscript I ever wrote late at night, after a furious, ecstatic streak of racing through those final chapters (and then editing through the hasty writing later!)

What about you? When do you do your best work? A lot of writers recommend that you set a time and place for writing, and that you come to that place at the same time every day and spill whatever’s on your mind. What works for you?



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