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Success really does happen…sold my first copy!

After having my recently published book on the Kindle Marketplace for two days, I recently discovered that I have sold my first copy. Of course, I hope to sell more than just one copy!— but the incident of this one sale to get the ball rolling has really set me in good spirits.

For me, it’s not about money. I don’t write for a living, and I have more than enough money to live on. Sure, the royalty is nice— but for me, it’s more about reaching an audience with my writing. I want people to read my work, think on it critically, share it with their friends, and send feedback back to me: what did they learn from the book? Did they identify with the characters? And I welcome criticism as well: what can I work on? What just really sucked about it?

After all, most of us don’t just write for ourselves— we write to be read, to be shared, and to be enjoyed. And these elements involve a reader!

So I offer this as encouragement to anyone who has a work out there that they’d like to publish: if you believe in it, other people will give it a chance. You just have to put it out there and see what can happen. It’s you who has to take the first step from being a closeted writer into a published author.

I’m still in the amateur stage, and proud of it…but I hope to reach greater heights soon! And the best of wishes to you as well.





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Breaking into the Business

Two days ago I finally worked up the nerve to publish on the Kindle format. I’d been working on this novel for about 3 years (started it in 2009!) and I submitted it to many agents. One gave it a bite and wrote me back, saying “I’d love to read the rest of the manuscript.” I was excited and prepared the entire manuscript to send off, but a few weeks later I got a notification from that agent saying that she’d left the agenting business.

That crushed my ambitions: I had wanted to see my name in print ever since I was a kid. But I didn’t give up, and I was convinced to cut corners around the “traditional” method and instead go for electronic self-publishing. I am excited to have my work out in the market now! I’m working hard to build an audience.

The book is called Of a Greener World, and click here to reach its page on the Kindle Marketplace. It’s available for $3.25, or free for Amazon Prime users. If you’re interested, please take the time to go through the free first few chapters!

I’d love to hear your publishing war stories. Or maybe they’re success stories? Tips, encouragement, criticism…it’s all welcome here!



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