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Destiny: I just don’t believe in it.

Don't waste your life pondering your fate; take risks and take everything into your own hands.

Don’t waste your life pondering your fate; take risks and take everything into your own hands.

Destiny. It’s a cool word, it really is. As a writer, I admire words that carry power, and among such words, ‘destiny’ is a heavy-hitting word that is both melodious and haunting in sound.

I just don’t believe in the notion of destiny.

Sure, we’re all born into different families and in different identities. Our early lives may be ‘fated’ because we were born into specific roles. But by no means do I believe in destiny.

I believe life is all about the opportunities you take, and the opportunities you don’t take. Once you start making the choices in life and break out of the role that you were born into, you become the master of your own destiny. The cards of fate no longer rule over you; you rule over yourself.

You know, a lot of people go through life blaming destiny for everything. They hang their heads and say, “I’m not even going to bother. Fate has cursed me.”

Fate curses no one; fate is just a convenient scapegoat for people’s frustration. It’s so much easier to throw your hands up in the air and blame fate for wronging you, than it is to accept that the situation can be mended with ambition and endurance.

These are lazy people. Hopeless people. If they consign themselves to a terrible destiny, then they will indeed chain themselves to that destiny until they die.

But people who don’t believe in destiny know that they have all the power in their hands. These people know that they are the drivers on the road of life; that their lives are like clay and can be molded into any shape­— as long as the hands shaping the clay are hard and unrelenting.

I say this to inspire you. Those of you who are in a low place in life right now, have faith. Stop cursing your luck and start making luck play in your favor. You hold all the power to dream, to work, to accomplish.

Destiny is an enemy of dreaming; if you accept destiny, you have no use for dreams. Destiny is the notion that everything is predetermined and locked in place— while dreaming is the opposite notion that anything is possible. And I stand by this, now and forever: anything is possible.

If you don’t have your dreams, you are nothing. You are just another pawn, controlled by the false notion that destiny is your puppeteer. You are no puppet. You are free to dream, to achieve, to conquer the mountains towering above you.


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The Merits of Being Lost

You wouldn't believe what you can discover when you're lost.

You wouldn’t believe what you can discover when you’re lost.

I read a truly inspirational piece yesterday by a San Franciscan writer named Rebecca Solnit, called “Open Door.”

Solnit talked about how beautiful being lost is…how essential being lost is to finding one’s identity. She amalgamated the work and philosophies of many other thinkers before her (such as Thoreau) and produced a powerful message: To be lost, in a sense, is to live. Being lost is the state where the familiar is washed away and totally replaced by the unfamiliar. Being lost is when the ordinary ceases to exist, and mystery prevails in life.

It’s a beautiful thing, being lost. It is an opportunity to glimpse into another universe. Solnit writes that artists are always the ones who are pushing their audience into the darkness, into mystery…artists are the ones who help us to get lost.

And why should we get lost? To get lost is to discover something new. Without being lost there is no innovation. No creation. Without people sacrificing the safe and familiar in order to muddle around in new worlds, the things and ideas we have today could not possibly exist.

Being lost is more than just the physical sense of being in an unfamiliar place- it is more about the mental insecurity that results from a drastic change in environment.

If ever you are feeling down in life, give being lost a try. While you rummage around in dark tunnels you may find the light.


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