To all writers and readers out there…

No matter what walk of life you come from— whether you are a lawyer, housewife, stockbroker, preacher, or fisherman— we are all touched by literature, the stories and lessons learned from the realms of life we ourselves have not tread. We read to laugh, we read to cry…we read to learn and to teach, we read to inspire and be inspired, to explore and to discover, and most of all, we read to seek how best to live…and not to live.

And some of us (myself included), not satisfied with only reading, turn to writing as well. We want to share our experiences, the lessons in life that have hit us hard, the hopes and dreams we all have, to communicate the human experience. 

And here we will share what we are reading, what we are writing…we will entwine your ambitions and mine, and together make a connection through words whose power is yet untold.

G.D. Alexander


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