Nighttime is Prime Time for Writing

The prime time for writing, at least for me, is nighttime. 9 PM or later. Like now, at 12:26PM. I think it’s because the whole day is behind me and there’s nothing left to think about but writing, and getting those feelings out on paper.

Sometimes if I try to work on writing in the middle of the day, I get distracted. I have to get up to do this!— or that! And I have too many responsibilities to take care of that have to come before writing.

But at night, when it’s quiet, I really churn out my best work. Every sentence just gleefully flows together when it’s way past a normal person’s bedtime. New ideas even surface.

I’ve always written the last word of each manuscript I ever wrote late at night, after a furious, ecstatic streak of racing through those final chapters (and then editing through the hasty writing later!)

What about you? When do you do your best work? A lot of writers recommend that you set a time and place for writing, and that you come to that place at the same time every day and spill whatever’s on your mind. What works for you?



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10 responses to “Nighttime is Prime Time for Writing

  1. Like you, I do my best work at night. Which often results in someone logging on Skype and saying good morning to me, before I realize that the sun is almost up. Sometimes the muse just won’t let go…

  2. I thought I was the only one! I’m always in the best writing mode after 10 pm somehow, sometimes after midnight. It’s actually 3.23 am now..

  3. The Unknown Witch

    My Muse is a night owl, too. I write during the day, ( I don’t sleep much.) but I find I always have to do extensive rewrites when I do. My mind doesn’t work too good in the daytime. Do you have a link to your book? I’m always interested in a good read. Of course, it’ll be next month before I can buy any more books. (sigh) The old wallets sitting close to empty, lol.

  4. me too! and i always felt left out when all these books on writing talk of morning writing! i hate waking up early to do anything! i have tried a set time and place but it doesn’t work for me. anytime anyplace is much better. i love the spontaneity! and somehow, it always works!

  5. so true! i’ve always had trouble sleeping, it’s like after 10pm my brain goes crazy!

  6. Nights are the best. I like the moment where I know I should be asleep, but I’m not ready to let go of the day. I’m holding on to some lesson I haven’t yet grasped, and I need those few seconds to feel real. The stars and the quiet guide me. I’m a junkie for the night.

  7. Night-time reveals the mind you’ve hidden all day. You also grow more susceptible to your own bullshit and ravings (vis. Hitler’s speeches at midnight). I write crisper at night and think crisper during the day.

  8. Yes! I’m not the only one! Definitely the best time to write. No phone’s ringing, you can process the day’s events, your mind is free to roam and there is peace. Great post. Thank you!

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  10. Eva PoeteX

    I couldn’t agree more! 🙂 It’s tough when I need to wake up super early the next day, but my prime time for poeting is between 11pm and 4am.

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